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Congruence Coaching & Consultation offers dedicated, expert attention committed to the development of high achieving individuals, teams, and organizations. Deep, genuine connection is paired with evidence-based practices and assessment tools to enhance awareness in the service of goal setting and execution. 

"Dr. Downing was the only coach (my organization had me try 2 others before her) that truly helped me change for the better in a sustainable way. I really appreciated how she was able to help me understand why I reacted negatively to certain situations, how to identify triggers, acknowledge my emotions, and recognize it before it took over the circumstances."  ~ Physician Leader

"Dr. Downing provides a nonjudgmental, psychologically safe, and supportive environment to reflect and be introspective about interpersonal relationship building, leading with empathy, and communicating effectively with others." 
                     ~ Physician

"Coaching with Vanessa helped me feel confident in continuing the path towards the bigger picture of my career and life goals. She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone to get there."   ~ Psychologist

"Vanessa naturally builds trusts with her clients. As part of our coaching practice, I was able to uncover deeper patterns of my behavior and work consciously to address them. I appreciated that all of her guidance to me was substantiated with a scientific basis. I saw a real improvement in my approach to various work situations thanks to her input, and I am grateful to her for it."                                                                  ~ Tech Entrepreneur

"It’s not easy to find someone who understands what you’re going through as a physician or clinician. Vanessa is a highly skilled coach and therapist with rich experience working with medical professionals. Her insightful questions not only helped me successfully navigate a challenging work situation, but also changed my whole perspective on my medical practice for the better! She truly gets it.”  ~ Physician

"Vanessa’s ability to flow between coaching and therapeutic skills is masterful and incredibly helpful. She is warm, engaging, funny, empathetic, scholarly, and has a vibrant, creative mind. She has a good heart and truly desires to see physicians and clinicians thrive."  ~ Physician

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Coming Into Congruence

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You have spent your career successfully meeting targets and overcoming challenges set by others. As a high-achieving physician or clinician, you’re accustomed to navigating the intensity of the medical and healthcare culture, and surmounting obstacles that others can't even imagine. But when you encounter challenges that stump you, it can be jarring, frustrating, and isolating. During times of burnout, or when you're feeling stuck or lost, you need sensitive, highly attuned support coupled with appropriate challenges.

When you work in intense, fast-paced, and often trauma-exposed environments, coaching, counseling, or consultation with someone who really understands the world you've been living in can be transformative. Coaching can help you shift from reacting to external demands to achieving a state of flow—where you move effortlessly toward solutions and unlock your true potential. Counseling can facilitate healing and recovery from burnout, secondary trauma, and compassion fatigue.

Ultimately, achieving congruence means:

  • Becoming aware of priceless opportunities for growth

  • Connecting with your innate inner compass

  • Identifying and aligning with your deeply held values

  • Unearthing and applying your core strengths and talents

  • Hitting your own targets

Experience unique support designed for high-achieving clinicians like you, and rediscover your path to meaningful success and fulfillment. Align with your true self, hone your insight, and commit to purposeful action.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

                                                       Eleanor Roosevelt

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