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Congruence Coaching & Consultation offers dedicated, expert attention committed to the development of high achieving individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Deep, genuine connection is paired with evidence-based practices and assessment tools to enhance awareness in the service of goal setting and execution. 

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Coming Into Congruence

Philosophy and Theoretical Approach

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High achievers can spend a lifetime successfully hitting targets and clearing hurdles established and defined by others.  But often, the sweetest success and deepest fulfillment emerges from coming into congruence, sharpening your insight, and committing to meaningful action.


High achievers are used to moving through obstacles that keep others stuck.  So when they hit problems that stump them, it can feel jarring, frustrating, and even lonely.  High achievers have unique needs in times of feeling burned out, stuck, or lost: sensitive, highly attuned support balanced by attentive, appropriate challenge. 


Those working in intensive, fast-paced, or sometimes trauma-exposed fields can benefit significantly from coaching, counseling, and consultation. Coaching can help high achievers shift out of reactivity to external demands and into a state of flow -- an experience of moving toward answers and optimizing one's own true potential.  Counseling can spur healing and recovery from burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue.

Ultimately, achieving congruence means:

- becoming more aware of priceless opportunities for growth

- locating and connecting to an innate inner compass

- identifying and aligning with deeply held values

- unearthing and applying core strengths and talents, and

  hitting your own targets.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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